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Understand Connect, and Communicate with anyone using-

 Pre-cognitive Communication.

DOTS is easy to learn 

  DOTS language can

  • Empower individuals

  • Harmonize communities

  • Unify teams

Learn how to be understood,  how to understand and how to relate, communicate and collaborate DOTS can change lives...

"I wish my last boss knew this stuff!"
"Great skill and tool for us all to use"
"I am telling everyone who will listen about DOTS. 
 "phenomenal for our community"  







 Sports teams and organisations

 Not for profit organisations

 Local body organisations



We teach you how to get on another person’s   wavelength, this strengths based course celebrates the differences in us all and teaches everyone how to connect and collaborate with anyone for a positive outcome.  This is a promise.





DOTS was perfect for our sales professionals a great tool; able to "read" customers likes/dislikes etc...


DOTS was FUN! great  to bring us together to connect as a community


 Connecting with DOTS  is a MUST DO!


 We learnt and remembered so much so quickly.


Employees loved it! Big impact for them and their families too.


We have received more positive feedback on DOTS training than anything we have done,  EVER!


This training has been a game changer for our team unity.


DOTS makes understanding others easy and paves the way for creativity and collaboration and working to our strengths.

“DOTS™ is communication 101 for the everyone here”



DOTS seminars are the perfect fit. We are all about creating great communities and communication is KEY to helping all people live and work to their natural strengths. Its more about EQ than IQ.

Understanding others is at the heart of everything we teach. There are lots of laughs and incredibly 99.9% of people who attend the training would recommend it!  A day of your life to learn a skill you will never forget. 

Mobile  027 215 9807


HiGate Consulting Limited

T/A Connecting with DOTS 

Conducting Seminars around New Zealand and Australia


Call/Txt Pat  027 215 9807

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